Best Landscaping Ideas for 2022It’s time to look ahead for the best landscaping ideas in 2022. Due to lockdowns and a new normal, gardening and landscaping saw a surge in popularity during 2020 and 2021. It shows no signs of slowing down as we enter the new year. In fact, this new normal is being seen right throughout the garden trends and ideas for 2022! This blog will outline what landscaping ideas to look out for in 2022.

A Mix of Interior and Exterior

This new normal is all about functionality and ease of living, and it’s no different for landscaping in 2022, either. Outdoor entertainment spaces are becoming highly popular in 2022, as well as peripheral buildings and functional spaces within your garden. So, if you’ve been thinking about building that She-Shed, installing the BBQ, creating that outside kitchen, or finally creating the terrace of your dreams – now is the time to do it. Bring your interior outside and entertain your guests in your beautiful outdoor area.

Embrace the Wild

Look for wild gardens and meadows to storm the landscaping trends for 2022. A fun trend for 2022 – replicating an English meadow – full of wildflowers, untamed, and free. This trend is ideal for those who prefer a lower-maintenance garden. It requires less upkeep than heavily manicured and maintained gardens. Similarly, native plants are making a comeback for 2022. Bio-diversity experts are welcoming this trend, as natural fauna and flora are better for the native wildlife. Grow out your wild gardens with plenty of native flowers and see your garden come to life!

Ponds and Water Features

Another trend that brought fun to the landscape was ponds and water features in outdoor spaces. This trend probably encourages a feeling of peace and tranquility within your yard, which also heavily follows interior design trends. Your home and yard should be a place of calmness for you in an otherwise busy world. We can expect to see these water features in the coming years – particularly in 2022 landscaping ideas.

Vegetable Gardens

The farm-to-table movement is huge now. Vegetable gardens have seen increasing popularity since 2020. Again, it fits with the idea of functional living space and creating that inner calm in your home. The combination of being self-sufficient in your home and the hobby of gardening are both strong reasons why this trend is taking 2022 landscaping ideas by storm.

Relaxed Hedges

Gone are the days of heavily manicured lawns and hedges. From your grass to your flowers, to how you trim your bushes – 2022 is all about being more relaxed with it. Shapes like squares and rectangles are out of fashion in 2022, so try and pick a more organic shape, like cloud pruning, for your bushes this year.

While gardens don’t follow trends as heavily as interior design, it’s clear that there has been a shift over the past couple of years and into 2022. More homeowners desire a more peaceful, purposeful, and dynamic garden for their homes in 2022. So, embrace this more laid-back and rugged look – grow out your hedges, and plant some native fauna. You’ll be amazed at the natural beauty!