End Of Summer Weed ControlAlthough summer is over and yard work is less demanding, don’t forget about the end of summer weed control. You can help diminish the pesky weeds by doing some fall work to slow the weeds down before spring arrives. Most weed seeds travel by wind. After seeds land in your yard, it may take several seasons before they take hold in your well-manicured lawn. Some weeds thrive once the overnight temperatures drop into the 60s or 70s. It’s almost as though they know you’ve turned your back, and you’re tired of yard work. There are several ways to slow the introduction of pesky weeds before they get a firm hold. 410 Lawn Guy can take care of your fall preparation yard work, so you don’t have to.

Best Time To Spray For Weeds

Spring is the best time for weed control, but fall is second in line. If you spray for weeds in the fall, weeds will have difficulty surviving until spring. There are a plethora of products on the market for weed control. Picking the suitable herbicide for the season and type of weeds you’re combating can be overwhelming. Tips for the end of summer weed control include tips for applying weed killer. There are other considerations before you get started.

When To Spray For Weed Control

End of summer weed control requires lower temperatures than the blazing days of summer. If you spray a herbicide on a hot fall day, you risk burning your lawn. The weather forecast is essential. Spraying on a windy day is futile. You might as well throw out the herbicide and watch a movie. Check to make sure no rain is in the forecast for the day. The herbicide needs time to be absorbed. Six to eight hours of dry weather is sufficient unless a colossal storm is coming.

Why So Many Weeds Now

If you’re wondering why suddenly you have more weeds than you did in summer, here’s the scoop. Many weeds don’t like the scorching summer weather any more than we do. They lie dormant until the weather starts to cool off. That’s why you’ll see crabgrass and other weeds increase. Treating weeds in the fall, in addition to the spring, will slow down some hearty species of weeds. End of summer weed control will help your lawn become healthier in the spring. With so many different products on the market and unlimited species of weeds, you may decide to hire a professional. Call 410 Lawn Guy. Our lawn care experts know when and which weeds to treat to keep your lawn pristine.

Never Ending Weed Control Battle

The list of invasive, lawn-destroying weeds and grasses is lengthy. You want your beautiful lawn to have a fighting chance against the weeds. The reality is you will have weeds no matter how diligent you are with weed control. The dandelions that have gone to seed in your neighbor’s yard three doors down will find your lawn.

Instead of trying to decipher the best products and temperatures, consider the alternative. Hiring a professional to regularly mow, fertilize, and treat your lawn for weeds will eliminate the guesswork. You’ll have more free time and peace of mind knowing that you’re pampering your lawn. 410 Lawn Guy is a licensed contractor and knows the best products to eradicate weeds and keep your lawn beautiful.