How To Properly Mow Your Lawn to Maintain its HealthWe all know that to keep our lawns looking healthy, lush, and manicured, we need to mow our lawns regularly. Keeping our grass cut to a manageable height also lessens our workload. It keeps our lawn mowing tools from getting clogged and overrun with overgrown grass.

However, simply knowing that we do need to mow our lawn regularly is relatively ambiguous. In this article, we’ll be giving an in-depth look at the optimal ways to cut our lawns to keep them in tip-top shape.

Devise a Lawn Mowing Schedule

The frequency at which you should be mowing your lawn depends on your climate, the amount of sun and water your lawn receives, and the type of grass you’re growing.

A general rule of thumb is never to mow more than a third of the total height of grass to avoid stressing your lawn unnecessarily. For example, if you prefer to cut your yard to one inch high, you’d cut your grass when it reaches one and a half inches tall.

For some lawns, this will mean mowing weekly. For extremely prolific yards, this could be up to twice a week or more. Grass that doesn’t receive the optimal amount of water or sunlight; you might only need to mow every other week.

If you cut your lawn too frequently, it can show signs of stress, such as turning brown or becoming overrun with weeds. When you mow your grass too short, the grass becomes “scalped” and can result in a lawn that is too short to survive the hot summer sun as water is more able to evaporate.

Maintain Your Lawn Mowing Equipment

The blades of your lawnmower are much more important to your lawn mowing routine than you might realize!

Did you know that you should be re-sharpening or replacing these blades once a year? Most lawn mowers do not receive the seasonal care and maintenance that your lawn might require for maximal health and growth.

A dull mower blade will have trouble cutting through thicker grass, leading to a clogged mower and a lawn that struggles to stay manicured.

These dull blades can also start to tear the grass as opposed to slicing cleanly through. Unlike with a sharp edge, which cuts at a pre-set level, there is no way to control the point at which the grass will tear. This means that your grass could be inadvertently tearing too close to the root, causing unhealthy, burned-looking grass. In extreme cases, tearing your grass to harmful levels can result in your grass dying.

When In Doubt, Hire a Professional!

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