No Mow MayIf No Mow May is a new phrase for you, you’re not alone. At 410 Lawn Guy, we want to rescue you from yard work and keep your lawn in top shape.

We’re also interested in doing our part for the planet. That’s where No Mow May comes in. There are simple things we can do to help with conservation initiatives.

Although the general concept is not to mow your lawn during the month of May, that may not work for everyone. However, you can exercise other options to help Mother Earth.

Benefits of No Mow May

Wisconsin Public Radio reports that Appleton, Wisconsin started No Mow May two years ago. After the homeowners signed up for the initiative, they waived the ordinance requiring homeowners to maintain their lawns to increase bee and other pollinator populations.

Not only can you help the planet, but you can slack off on the mowing and feel good about seeing dandelions and clover flowers popping up on your lawn. Bees are starting to come out of hibernation. Giving them a bit of a kickstart will help the much-needed bee population thrive.

Is the Bee Population a Serious Problem?

At 410 Lawn Guy, we want to keep your lawn as pristine as you desire. We also understand that we aren’t the only ones on the planet. We’ve read the studies that indicate the steep decline of wild bee populations in the 21st century.

Bees may be small, but they have the monumental task of pollinating our food. The United Nations ranks the declining bee population as a global food supply threat. That’s serious.

Who Can Participate in No Mow May

Appleton, Wisconsin’s, No Mow May concept was started in the United Kingdom by an organization called Plantlife. It has begun spreading to numerous other cities in Wisconsin and Michigan, New York’s Hudson Valley, and Maine.

The idea that something as simple as not mowing your lawn for a few weeks can help the planet is powerful. And manageable.

If you’re interested in participating locally to help globally, we are on the same team.

How Does No Mow May Work?

Urban areas are lawn and concrete jungles. When you give your lawn a few weeks off from mowing, you create a habitat to help pollinators flourish.

Researchers have collected data about lawn mowing frequency and the benefits of giving your lawn a few weeks to grow and propagate species that attract bees and other pollinators. If a month sounds too long to you, studies found that two weeks without mowing found three times the species of bees and five times higher bee count than nearby parks cut weekly.

In addition, emission waste reduction is achieved during your No Mow May exercise, which also helps Mother Earth.

At 410 Lawn Guy, we use herbicides and pesticides responsibly to be good stewards of the land. Mowing less is economical, saves time, and allows you to contribute to conservation on an urban, grassroots level.

Call us if you prefer to take care of your lawn but need a professional opinion. We’ll send out a highly trained technician to help you make educated decisions about your lawn care.