Spring Lawn Start-Up QuestionsSpring has sprung, and you need to get your spring lawn start-up questions answered. Having a beautiful lawn is the first thing people see when they pull up to your house. 410 Lawn Guy can take care of bringing your yard to life and keeping it in stellar shape all season long.

Several things need to happen to awaken your lawn and encourage healthy growth.

Whether you are a DIY person or prefer to let the professionals take care of it, we’re here to give you the information you need to see to it that those blades of grass are happy and vibrant.

Let’s Answer Your Spring Lawn Start-Up Questions

Before you jump out there and start mowing your lawn, there are several things you should do to ensure the results are going to get your spring lawn off to a good start.

Your mower has been hibernating and will need some tender loving care to get it spring-ready. Take it to a sunny spot and inspect it while it gets a chance to take the chill off. Trying to start a cold motor can be problematic. By giving the fluids a chance to warm up, you’ll have a better chance at firing it up the first or second time. Before starting your mower, look over the undercarriage, cables, and moving parts to check for any damage. Clean any greasy parts and see if it starts. If you have neglected your mower, you may need to take it to be serviced, including sharpening the blades.

As with any job, preparation is critical. Raking the old dead grass will encourage new growth. Don’t go crazy, as some of the dead grass from last year will provide nutrients for successful fresh growth. You’ll also want to rake up any leaves, twigs, and other debris gathered over the winter. This is an excellent time to grab a pair of clippers and trim bushes encroaching on the lawn area.

If your soil is hard as a rock, you may also need to aerate. After you’ve finished aerating your lawn, rake up the plugs of grass and dirt left behind. You can also combine the raking of the dead grass with this task.

Evaluate Your Needs, Abilities, and Time Constraints

Anyone with DIY abilities can do many of the necessary spring lawn start-up tasks. But not everyone has the time or the desire. Mowing your lawn can be cathartic. Or it may be a chore you dread. Call 410 Lawn Guy if you want to ensure that every base is covered and your lawn will remain beautiful all season long.

How short or long you cut your grass will depend on what type of grass you have. Kentucky Bluegrass is happiest when cut to 2.5-3.5 inches. St. Augustine is best to cut to 2.5-4.0 inches. In comparison, Bermuda likes 1.5-2.5 to be the healthiest. If you don’t know what kind of grass you have, find out, so you’ll have a lush lawn. It’s important not to cut the lawn too short.

You’ll also want to apply fertilizer and an herbicide to keep crabgrass at bay. If you have dog spots on dead lawn, you’ll want to seed, but they won’t germinate if applied at the same time.

There are numerous jobs to do to ensure you have a beautiful lawn. We’re here for you if the answers to your spring lawn start-up questions sound like more than you would like to deal with. Call 410 Lawn Guy, sit back, relax, and we’ll have your lawn in spectacular shape in no time.