Winter Lawn ChecklistIt’s winter! That means you it’s time to take care of your winter lawn. You can forget about your lawn for a few months, right? Well, at 410 Lawn Guy, we’d have to disagree with you there. Your yard needs to be maintained all year round if you want to make the most of it during the spring and summer months. We’ve compiled a winter lawn checklist to help you out during the next few months. Of course, your lawn maintenance will depend on the climate, too, so we’ve organized the blog by both hot and cold seasonal temperatures.

By undertaking these tasks, you should be able to maintain a lawn that thrives all year round! Read ahead for our blog on your winter lawn checklist by 410 Lawn Guy.

Winter Checklist for Snow Climates

If you live in the northern United States or Canada, chances are your winter is full of cold temperatures and snow. These freezing temperatures can be incredibly challenging for your lawn, so it’s essential to understand what tasks you need to do to maintain your yard all year round. Follow this checklist for a winter lawn in colder climates:

  • Remove your dead leaves by either raking or mulching in early winter before snowfall
  • Prune your dormant bushes and trees
  • Dispose of seasonal plants
  • Continue to renew your flower beds through mulching
  • Keep on top of the snow on your lawn and your driveway
  • Don’t walk on the snow, as it’ll compact the ground underneath
  • Dispose of any dead or diseased plants
  • Protect any sensitive plants.

Winter Checklist for Non-Snow Climates

This checklist is perfect for those in warmer climates. So if where you live doesn’t typically get snowfall and stays in favorable temperatures all year round, make sure to follow this checklist. You must maintain your lawn throughout winter so that it thrives during the summer months. Follow this checklist for a winter lawn in warmer climates:

  • Mow your lawn as often as you need to during the slower growing months
  • Make sure to rake or mulch any dead leaves in your yard
  • Ensure you mulch your grounds where needed to protect the growing plants
  • Prune your dormant bushes and trees
  • Dispose of seasonal plants
  • Dispose of any dead or diseased plants

Chances are, if you’re reading this blog, you care about your lawn health. That’s why we want you to have the best chance of maintaining a beautiful backyard all year round. Your lawn will thrive, especially in the summer months, if you continue to take care and maintain it during the colder months. And, you can do it! Even if you experience heavy snowfall during winter, there are methods you can use to ensure that your lawn is kept healthy during the winter months. And, of course, at 410 Lawn Guy, we’d love to help out wherever we can. Give us a call, and we can discuss how to maintain your yard during winter.